The Two Doctors podcast – Episode 6!

After a (slight) delay, Episode Six! Join us as we discuss the hookgrip Spartakiad, a visit to the hookgrip warehouse, the European Junior/U23 Championships, the new Adidas shoe, our longing for classic Adidas shoes, and more. Also: our (non) answer to the trivia question. Enjoy!



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Associated content (i.e., some stuff we talk about in the podcast, in case you want to watch as you follow along):

  • An image of the new (forthcoming) Adidas shoes we discuss can be seen here (warning: you may want to be sitting down, hugging a classic Adidas shoe, before seeing this image; it cannot be unseen).
  • Recordings of the hookgrip Spartakiad: Day 1 and Day 2.
  • The snatch progression video of Mattie Rogers is here.
  • The 190-kilo power clean and jerk by Dadas Dadashbeyli is here.
  • The fantastic jerk by Latvia’s Rebeka Koha is here.

One reply on “The Two Doctors podcast – Episode 6!”

Rogers’ sinclair of 286 from her 226 total would rank her higher than Euro U23 best lifter Ana Ibrahimli, correct. However it would rank her fourth among Euro Junior women. Not bad either, but a little more appropriate comparison in her age group.


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