The Two Doctors Podcast – Episode 5!

Join us for episode 5! Topics include the US Team members for the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships in Houston, Texas, the American lifters with the most classic technique, and which weightlifters we’d like to be reincarnated as.

2 replies on “The Two Doctors Podcast – Episode 5!”

With regards to “who is the lightest man to snatch 100kg over bodyweight?” – there’s a likely but not absolute answer. For the simple reason that we don’t have access to the crucial part in this equation: the actual bodyweight. This information for a lot of the 80s competitions simply isn’t online.

Now, if the question is “who is the lightest man to snatch 100kg over his bodyweight category?” – the answer is straight forward, Yurik Vardanyan 182.5kg at 82.5kg in 1984.

The problem with transferring the second answer to the first is that we don’t know what his bw was. That’s important because there are other people in the category snatching in the same range, both above and below. For example the frozen record for 82.5kg belongs to Asen Zlatev with 183kg. Now, what if Zlatev was lighter for this lift than Vardanyan? He would also be the lightest to snatch 100kg over bw. Or how about Anatoly Khrapaty, who held the 82.5kg record before Vardanyan with 181kg. What if he was exactly 81kg for that lift?

An additional (but less likely) layer of uncertainty is added by lifts made after records were set. The 82.5kg record was 180kg since 1982. As another example, if a lifter snatched 180kg at 80kg bw on some later date he would not be noted in the record book, but be the answer sought here (numbers for demonstration, it could also be 179kg at 79kg etc.).

TL;DR: Perhaps Yurik Vardanyan, more input required.


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