Episode 11! 2015 IWF World Championships RECAP

After our whirlwind week in Houston, we discuss some highlights from the 2015 IWF World Championships. In an effort to stick within a reasonable timeframe, we limit ourselves to an inaccurately named “Top 5” list that includes roughly a dozen items. Highlights include a discussion of the media setup, the warmup room, and our favorite lifts from the competition.

Show notes:

  • Om Yun Chol cleaning 175 kilos after clean and jerking 171 kilos for the win and a new World Record
  • Wu Jingbiao snatching 139 for a new World Record
  • Alex Lee snatching a new American Record
  • Elkhan Aligulizada breaking Tanir Sagir’s junior clean and jerk record with 203 kilos
  • Artem Okulov holding on to his 215 clean and jerk for the gold
  • Jenny Arthur’s lifts, including her American Record 138 clean and jerk
  • Rim Jong Sim snatching 125 and then clean and jerking 155 despite being injured
  • Aleksey Lovchev’s huge 264 clean and jerk for a new World Record


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