Interview with Kate (Vibert) Nye!

Dr Westbrook and I spent a solid hour and a quarter chatting with Kate Nye, an athlete who has distinguished herself nationally and internationally in just a few short years (2018 Jr Worlds Silver medallist, Jr and Sr American record holder in the snatch, to name just a couple of her accomplishments). Enjoy!

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[Special Episode 10] 2018 Worlds, day 10!

The final day of the competition! We chat with a local, briefly recap the final sessions, speculate on next year’s Worlds, hear Nat Arem lament the perception of doping by outsiders, and share some of our favorite lifts of the competition. Also includes some random appearances by anyone who happened to walk by during recording. Enjoy!


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[Special Episode 08] 2018 Worlds, day 8!

Some more great casual conversations from the 2018 Worlds. To start we hear some detailed information from Nat Arem on the inner workings of hookgrip and the difficulties of shooting, editing, and sharing good weightlifting footage. Later in the day we recap the sessions, including Lydia Valentin’s (relatively) easy victory and the shenanigans of Ilya Ilyin’s competition card and the men’s 102A. Enjoy!


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[Special Episode 07] 2018 Worlds, day 7!


Today: Gregor does some curls! In addition to our usual banter, we had the pleasure of getting Maged Salama of Egypt to sit down with us for a bit. Maged coached Germany’s Matthias Steiner in the past and currently works with Meso Hassona of Qatar. There’s also the usual discussion of competition antics, competition mistakes, and recaps. Enjoy!


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[Special Episode 06] 2018 Worlds, day 6!


More in our continuing series of informal recordings from the World Championships in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. In addition to the day’s sessions and some training hall info, we discuss finally finding some good coffee AND we get some inside information from USAW’s Pedro Meloni on an upcoming rule change in the IWF regarding touching the barbell. Enjoy!


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