Episode 8! With special guest Sean Waxman

Sean Waxman of Waxman’s Gym joins us to talk about the current mess regarding USAW athlete selection for the 2015 World Championships in Houston. Other topics include Mr Waxman’s history in the sport, his advice for others looking to start weightlifting-only gyms, and the entries for the World Championships. Enjoy!

Show notes:

  • Waxman’s letter to USAW regarding his athlete Caitlin Hogan
  • USAW BOD meeting minutes (the meeting in question is 10-18-15)
  • IWF announcement of final entries for Houston WWC (with link to PDF of entries)
  • All Things Gym page dedicated to the 2015 WWC (includes Russian team announcement)
  • Liao Hui telling the camera “It was too heavy, Xiao Jun,” after attempting a 211-kilo clean and jerk at the 2015 Grand Prix in China

Also available on iTunes!

8 replies on “Episode 8! With special guest Sean Waxman”

The retired Junior record holder Shi Zhiyong (*1980) is not the one who will be at the WWC. The new one (*1993) just happens to have the same name.


zygmund would be more likely to pick OTC athletes and that’s obvious. Not his fault. if you spend so much time coaching someone and wanting them to do well and you are forced with a decision to pick one of them or another qualified athlete you are going to pick your athlete.


Xiaojun did general weight training to develop his athletic qualities (speed, agility, body awareness, etc.) while he was preparing as a track athlete. Many Chinese athletes have exposure to various sports, including weightlifting, but prior to 13 years of age the training is mainly technical and light.


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