[Special Episode 04] 2018 Worlds continued!


More recordings from out and about at the 2018 World Championships! We recap the women’s 59A, Rebeka Koha’s performance, make predictions on the men’s 73A, and then (later) see how our predictions played out after the session ended. For the first part of the episode we also have Kelsey Kennedy (USAW’s Marketing & Content Manager) share some insight into Team USA’s training camp in Germany and the differences between the athlete lodging (where she is) and the Sport Hotel (where officials and media are). Enjoy!


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[Special Episode 03] 2018 Worlds: day 3


Another series of impromptu recordings from the World Championships! There’s some wind noise early on affecting audio quality, but that’s unavoidable when you take the show out of the studio and into the world. We discuss some training hall lifts, questionable judging, the Worlds MVP spectator, and even get a visit by the director of the broadcast to talk about the challenges of covering weightlifting for a live feed. Enjoy!

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[Special Episode 02] 2018 Worlds: the atmosphere, day 02

Day 2 of our special reports from Ashgabat and the 2018 World Championships! Gregor and I just brought the Zoom H1n recorder along with us and captured some impromptu conversations: a chat over breakfast, one during a midday break, and one at the end of the day. The environment can be quite noisy at times (and therefore a bit tough to here us in spots) but it gives you a sense of the atmosphere at Worlds (we hope). Special guest appearances include: Mike Choi, Mark Cannella, Sean Waxman, JP Nicoletta, and Nat Arem of hookgrip. Enjoy!

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[Special episode] 2018 Worlds With Gregor of ATG – day 01!

Since Gregor (of ATG fame) and I are currently in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan to help cover the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships he thought it would be fun to do a very informal podcast recording of us chatting at the end of the day. The idea was borne of the fact that this is generally what happens at the end of the day for any competition: you sit around and talk about weightlifting, despite having just spent the past 10-12 hours watching/talking about weightlifting. Who doesn’t want more weightlifting?! So enjoy, if you like, 40-ish minutes of us, unedited, chatting about weightlifting, the city, the venue, the training hall, and anything else that comes to mind. Hopefully there will be more to come!



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Episode 27 – Coach Kevin Simons!

We sat down with Kevin Simons—coach to Harrison Maurus and several other great athletes—for a conversation on coaching Youth athletes, how he developed as a coach, Harrison’s amazing strength journey, and much more. This was our first time recording an episode in person with a guest so we decided to film it as well as record audio (although the camera battery died toward the end). We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

Huge thanks to Kevin for taking the time to do this during his *extremely* busy weekend of coaching at the American Open Series III in Las Vegas. And big thanks to Gregor of ATG for providing the footage of Harrison Maurus training!



Audio only:

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Episode 26 – Morghan King!

Two episodes in two weeks—unprecedented for the Doctors! In this episode we sit down for a great conversation with USA’s Morghan King: 2016 Olympian, three-time National Champion, American record holder (83kg snatch at 48kilos), and multiple-time representative of Team USA on the international stage. Morghan discusses her rapid rise in the sport (the 2012 American Open was her first national meet), her training leading up to Rio, her plans for the future, her two rescue dogs Fergus and Chewy, and much, much more. Enjoy!


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Episode 25 – Rebeka Koha!

In this episode we chat with Latvia’s 58-kilo star Rebeka Koha! Although still a Junior Rebeka has already built up an extremely impressive weightlifting resume: 2016 Olympian (4th), 2017 Junior World Champion, bronze medallist at the 2017 World Championships, and then GOLD medallist at the 2018 European Championships. Rebeka shares her start in the sport, her intense training schedule, her mindset on the platform, and her plans for the future (and much more). Enjoy!

Many thanks to the one and only Gregor of ATG for helping set this up!

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Episode 24 – Harrison Maurus!

We sit down for a chat with USA’s Harrison Maurus, who recently became the first American male in twenty (20!) years to win a Senior World Championships medal (bronze in total and clean & jerk in the 77s at the 2017 Worlds). Harrison is also a Youth World Record holder, an American Record holder, and—as we learned—a big fan of the video game Destiny. He shared his history in the sport (and before the sport), his training, his goals in the sport, and much, much more. Enjoy!

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Episode 23 – Norik Vardanian!

After a (slight) hiatus, we are joined by Norik Vardanian, an athlete who has been at the highest level of weightlifting in TWO countries: the US and Armenia. Norik covered a range of topics with us, including returning from his most recent injury, training in the USOC vs Armenia, his positive test from 2012, his current and future plans, what he’s learned from Jenny Arthur, and what it’s like having the legendary Yurik Vardanian as a father. Enjoy! Also available on iTunes.