Field Report 4! Heavy lifting at the Asian Championships

Nat and Gregor check in from the Asian Championships in Ningbo, China. Topics include:

  • a lengthy treaty on the Chinese banking system and trying to exchange 100USD
  • opening a Chinese bank account!
  • weightlifting talk (starting around minute 32)
  • a recap of the Men’s 96 session: Meso vs Tian Tao, Meso 174 and his bomb out, Tian Tao and his 181 and 231 miss
  • Gregor is put on the spot with weightlifting trivia
  • highest snatch and clean & jerk over bodyweight
  • short discussion of the best ever male Chinese lifter
  • Arafura Games (a potential chance for Godelli and Co to still earn Olympic qualification points)

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One reply on “Field Report 4! Heavy lifting at the Asian Championships”

Long drives to work mean i get to the end of every Podcast.

Speaking of Nats london 2012 set. A gym i used to train at had 2 full sets of plates as well as 4 mens and 2 womens competition bars.

My current gym has a full set of the paralympic plates.


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