Field Report 6! The biggest episode yet!

Nat and Gregor check in with a HUGE three-hour update from the Asian Championships in Ningbo, China. Topics include:

  • their police interview!
  • Recapping the 109kg session with Akbar Djuraev 6/6 with Junior World Records and Ali Hashemi’s 225kg.
  • video reviews in weightlifting (first implemented in Las Vegas at Youth Worlds)
  • Women’s 87kg with Wang Zhouyu’s dominance and the implications for Zhang Wangli’s chances of making the Chinese Olympic team
  • the price of iPhones in China
  • The Ararefugee Games Platform
  • a lengthy discussion on weightlifting platforms, cost of having an elevated platform
  • the Porsche 919 EVO Hybrid record lap time for the Nordschleife
  • Nat’s experience at USAW competitions
  • Team USA’s great performance at Pan Ams
  • Hookgrip’s vs ATG’s Instagram ability to grow on instagram (with Germany being so anti social media)
  • Nat’s criteria for posting lifts on hookgrip’s instagram (drugged vs non-drugged lifters)
  • Thoughts on the upcoming Super Session!

Enjoy! And thank you for listening.

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One reply on “Field Report 6! The biggest episode yet!”

With respect to the Iranians moving up, it may have been that there was a gap in declared lifts between 207 and 220 and they moved to the top end of that so that 220 would be announced and loaded onto the bar. Once the bar is loaded and lifter is announced the bar weight can no longer move down.


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